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23-08-2023 Workshop
„Claw Health in Dairy Herds“

23-02-2023 the registration is open.

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24-08-2023 SYMPOSIUM
Challenges and opportunities in dairy beef calf production

An international group of researchers are starting to build a network to address the urgent need to improve the rearing of calves born by dairy cows but not used for replacement in dairy herds. Main issues of the network focus on animal health and welfare, environmental impact and circularity, nutritional value creation and food security, and economic value generation and societal impact and demands. The symposium on “Challenges and opportunities in dairy beef calf production“ will give an overview on dairy beef calf production systems in Europe, will highlight the main problems of the so-called surplus calves at the dairy farms in terms of animal welfare, animal health and the environmental issues and will introduce the dairy-beef production network.

Get to know our keynote speakers

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Volker Krömker

Udder health

Targeted mastitis therapy

Jon Huxley


Treating and preventing lameness: Breaking the vicious circle of claw horn disease

Christian Koch


Acidosis in Calves and Cows – Prevention and Practical Feeding Recommendations

Marina von Keyserlingk


Dairy cattle welfare:
The key issues and how do
we improve care on farms? 

Michael Iwersen

Precision Livestock Farming

Use of sensor technologies for health and welfare monitoring in cattle – a dream or rather a nightmare?

Ad Koets

Infectious Diseases

Dairy farming in transition: infectious disease management challenges and opportunities

Vengai Mavangira

Metabolic diseases

Targeting inflammation to mitigate periparturient disorders of the dairy cow: what are the options?

Bart Pardon


Dealing with respiratory tract infections in a rapidly changing context for calf health management

Heiner Bollwein


Pros and cons for Ovsynch programs in cattle

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